Gatwick escorts from Poland

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  • May 29, 2017
  • When I first arrived in London, I was hoping to follow in a friend’s footsteps and work for a central London agency. After a while, I realized that my friend was not really making that much money. I found Gatwick escorts instead and started to work there. Now, I earn more money than my girlfriend in central London. She still says that I have done the wrong thing but I am very happy here. We have a really nice boss and I am very busy dating gents from Gatwick and further afield as well. It is a bit of an interesting job.

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    There are now over 800,000 Poles working and living in Great Britain. I think that in Gatwick there are at least 500 Poles. They do all sorts of things. What a lot of people don’t realize is that Poles are well educated. The guy who runs the local IT Company is Polish, and he does really well. There are also another two Polish girls working for Gatwick escorts. Some of the English do look down on us, but we work hard and pay our taxes. I cannot see how they can be angry.

    Personally, I have made some English friends and they are really nice. I enjoy their company and they seem to enjoy mine. We got out together and even go to sports weekends. I seem to have a lot in common with them, and I think it is good. Yes, it is nice to have a Polish community here in Gatwick, but when I am not working for Gatwick escorts, I spend most of my time with my English friends. I do feel that I fit in. It is quite interesting to note that in the same group, there are people from other countries as well. Maybe that makes the difference.

    One of the girls who works for Gatwick escorts is saving up money to study to become a doctor, our boss, Nick, is really proud of her. That seemed strange at first, but I know appreciate that English people are like that. I said to Nick that I would like to do something different in a few years’ time, and he suggested Beauty College. A few days later he came around with all of the prospectus. That would never have happened in Poland, and I am always able to speak to Nick like a fellow person.

    Yes, I don’t think that I will leave England. Once I finish my career at Gatwick escorts, I will go to Beauty College. It sounds interesting and Nick says he believes it can be a very good business. Sometimes, I think that he is more excited than I am. He even took my down to the bank so I could get a better interest account. That would never have happened in Poland neither. Somehow I have got the feeling that I will stay lifelong friends with many of the English people that I have met, and Nick will always be my English uncle as I call him.

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