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  • October 10, 2016
  • Are you familiar with elite Hounslow escorts like the ones in https://charlotteaction.org/? I understand that a lot of gentlemen are not familiar, or have heard of, many of the elite Hounslow escorts that work in the area today. This area used to be a bit of a desert when it came to escorts services, but now several elite Hounslow escorts have opened their doors.


    Hounslow escorts
    Hounslow escorts

    For the last couple of weeks I have been dating escorts from a couple of the elite Hounslow escorts agencies that I have recently opened up offices here. I was a bit surprised at the high standard of elite Battereseaecorts, until I found out that many of the girls had been recruited from central London agencies.


    Of course, having girls with experience makes a lot of difference to you dates, and you certainly get value for money with the lovely ladies here in Hounslow. Value for money isn’t everything but it makes a high difference when you just got divorced like me.


    To be honest, I am a bit short of cash at the moment but Hounslow girls have put some love into my life again. It is important to have some sexy companionship when you have just got divorced, and many of he ladies here in Hounslow are wonderfully sexy.





    Nikki is one of my favorite local escorts, and I just fell head on heels in love with her the first time we met. I love being with my sexy Nikki, and in the future I am going to spend even more time with her.


    She has the most amazing 34D boobs, and she really knows what to do with her entire body. Nikki is one of the fittest escorts that I have ever met, and when she is not dating she is always down the gym on the treadmill.


    Running is Nikki’s thing, and she loves to run outside the gym as well. She has taken me jogging a few times, and she has almost killed me. I do realize that I need to get fitter but I don’t think I am going to be able to do with Nikki around. She keeps me busy looking at more her interesting bits, and there is no way I can control my feet at the same time.





    Angie is just sex on legs. She is a former Las Vegas porn star who moved back to the UK when the Las Vegas porn industry started to go down the pan. In the end she wasn’t earning enough money per movie, and had to sell her apartment.


    It was a that point she decided to come back to the UK and return to the escorts business. I am so glad she did as she is now my favorite escort of all the girls here in Hounslow.


    I am glad that I have managed to meet two nice girls just after my divorce. At the moment they are just my sexy companions who cheer me up a lot, but one day I hope that they will be so much more than that. I am sure many gentlemen feel the same way about their escort companions.


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