How can you be more considerate in bed?

  • brettkessler
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  • July 25, 2018
  • Not all men are that considerate in bed. Sue from says that a lot of girls do complain about their partners in bed. The fact is, says Sue, is that women need more time to get going and often men forget about that. Male London escorts do appreciate this and you will find that many of them are excellent lovers. I have had several boyfriends who have been male escorts and we have had a great time together. They really do know how to show consideration and let the woman relax more.

    My current boyfriend is older, and he does not rush me neither. He understands that I work long hours as an escort in London, and I am tired when I come home. Often, he will pick up my feet, put them on his lap and massage them. It is wonderful and can lead to so many other things. I think that I am one of the luckiest London escorts in the entire world, and I know that my boyfriend spoils me rotten. He is a man with a slow hand and a different touch, both mean a lot to me. With my boyfriend it is like love making is an art form. It starts way before we hit the bedroom, and we can spend a long time on the sofa just cuddling.

    I just love to be with him, and he is the best date I have ever had at London escorts services. We don’t date formally through London escorts any more, now we are only boyfriend and girlfriend. Being just the two of us in the house makes living together very sensual. I can slip into something comfortable and my boyfriend just loves to undress me very slowly, it is very special. He is also a good chef. My boyfriend cooks me everything that I like and pours me a glass of wine. I never thought that being served food by a man would be a sensual experience but it is. Unlike my other escorts in London friends, I never need to worry about anything.

    Most things are done for me, and it is such a pleasure to come home from work. Sometimes working for London escorts services can really take it out of you, but all of that goes away when I come home to my man with the slow hand. I think the key point to remember is not to rush. Okay, sometimes we all get excited and must have it now, Sue laughs, but ultimately it is about taking your time. I love getting excited slowly, and my boyfriend does that for me. All of a sudden I am at my peek, and I didn’t even know that I got there. Coming home from London escorts and being with my lover is after all is said and done the greatest experience of them all. Our time together is precious and we make love in all kinds of different places.

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