How it feels to become another woman of a married man

  • brettkessler
  • April 28, 2021
  • Marriage is a holy sacrament that binds to people to be together for a lifetime. Couples only consist of two persons, not three or more. No one of us likes to have a broken family, right? As am I too. I hated my father for leaving my mom for his mistress. Ours supposed to be happy family become sad and annoying.  I grow with only my other besides me, and I have never contacted my father since then. I still can recall the things he did and say towards us according to Twickenham Escorts from How he fights his mistress to us and defend her. He betrayed our family. I hate the girl. She’s the reason why families are being broken, and couples end up in divorce. If she can categorize an animal, she was a snake. How can she dare to ruins children dreams to have a family together? All I want in life is an act of revenge. I want to see my father’s suffering and his mistress too. I’ve been broken and in pain since my father left us. Thankfully, my mother was indestructible and remind us that we should never be someone’s mistress. She taught us her learnings and pain of becoming a wife of a cheater husband. We should all learn of our story. We have continued our journey, and I still study college. I am always an achiever and a representative in all school competition. I have received positive compliments, and I’m proud of my hard work. But things changed when I got to meet the person I love. He was our new teacher and honestly a charming one. Everyone admired his beauty but he already married. He was an excellent teacher and helps students who have a hard time studying according to Twickenham Escorts. One day, the school has accepted another challenge of competition, and Mr. Smith was assigned to train me. We spare time to review every day and sometimes during weekends we went out to have training. As days passed by, we become closer to each other, and he gave me foods to eat. I have put malice in everything he does. I feel better when I’m with him. I don’t want to end the day not to see him. After all the hard work, everything paid off when I won the competition. We agreed to celebrate and hang out. We were so drunk that we have done beyond our expectation. Since I love him, I gave myself to him. After that, we had a special connection. We were cautious and hid what we have. Months passed by and her wife caught us. She has made an inappropriate move and screamed to us. I was ashamed and become famous on social media. All the harsh words have said to me. I become the mistress; I supposed to hate. It wasn’t an easy journey for me; my only mistake was to fall in a person who has been own by someone.

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