My Dream Man Is In A Book

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  • September 3, 2017
  • Reading erotica is something that I have been into long before I embarked on my London escorts career, but I never expected to find my dream man on page four in an erotic novel. Of course, he is not real, and like my sexual fantasies, he only exists in my head. But, I would honestly like to meet a guy like that, and who knows, one day he may just turn up at London escorts. Until then, I keep dreaming about what I would like to do when I am with Mr Erotica as I have started to call him.
    My Erotica is perfect in every way. He has the most gigantic dick and knows how to satisfy m on every position. Unlike other guys I have dated, he has no objection to my London escorts career. As a matter of fact, he gets rather turned on by the fact that I work for a London escorts service. He sees me as a sexual challenge and lives only to meet my sexual needs which are always on top of his agenda. I love to please him s well, and every so often, I bring home a friend from London escorts and we both go to work on him. He loves the unusual, and having two sexy London escorts performing kinky acts on him, is not something which he has ever shies away from. Not only that, this guy is the master of oral sex, and can use his long tongue to satisfy me in a variety of exciting an pleasurable ways. More than anything, he is always ready to go for it.

    He is a playful sort of character and I am not the only person to initiate sex. Being an open minded sort of guy, he is always coming up with new exciting ideas and invents all sorts of games for us to play. With his fantastic physique and stamina, he is the kind of guy who likes to tease and please for hours. When he finally allows me to cum, I just cry out in pleasure. Just what I need after a night with cheap escorts in London. Perhaps he is the ideal man for all cheap escorts in London.

    Does this man exist? I am under no illusion that he may not exist at all. Sometimes I think that I am in cloud cuckoo land, and that I will need to get some help to finally get this man out of my head. I don’t think that I will ever be able to have a proper relationship while this man is buzzing around in my head. My sexy man comes with me to London escorts every day, and sometimes between dates, he comes out to play. He is such a naughty pleasure that I don’t want to give up, but I know that one day I will have to leave him in the sexual make believe land. Surely, this is not a healthy way to carry on, and I should really make efforts to find myself a real man.

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