Pretty Woman

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  • September 15, 2016
  • I know how Pretty Woman felt now, laughs Sara from Harrow escorts. I have got this new date who just loves to spoil me, and he takes me everywhere. In the last few months he must have spent a fortune on buying me clothes and taking me shopping. As he is an international business man, he wants me to look my best and I go to a lot of business dinners with him. I am always dressed for success he says, and all of the clothes he buys me come from the best places. I have never had such nice clothes.

    Harrow escorts
    Harrow escorts

    The truth is that Andrew is a really nice guy, says Sara. We started to date and then we realized something special was going on. We just bounced off each other and made almost a couple. He goes out a lot and I love to go out with him to entertain his business clients. As a matter of fact, I am one of the Harrow escorts fromĀ who have the most dates from one gent at the moment. All of those dates are with my lovely Andrew of course. He is great fun to be with and we never get bored with each other company.

    Lots of people say that it is only central London girls who get treated the way Andrew treats me, but that isn’t true. Some other girls who work for Harrow escorts have been looked after really well by their gents as well, and two of the girls left the agency because of their dates. It was obvious that their dates fell in love with them and wanted them all to themselves. I keep wondering if this is going to happen to me and Andrew. It feels like we are on the verge of something but I am not so sure.

    Andrew is not married and has never been married. That is kind of refreshing because I often date divorced gents through Harrow escorts services. I would love to continue to date others as long as I am here, but whenever Andrew is in town I am really committed to him. I even have the key to his house and can let myself in. It is nice to be able to do that. Sometimes, I just sneak in when I know he is about to come home, fix him a drink so it is ready for when he turns up. He absolutely loves that.

    I know that I shouldn’t really fall in love with a date, but I can’t help. As a matter of fact, several girls here at Harrow escorts services say that it is quite dangerous to fall in love with a date. I know that but I just can’t stop myself. I have not told the owner yet, but I am in love with Andrew. If, he stopped seeing me I think that my heart would break, but I try to be honest with myself. Perhaps I mean more than an escort, but then again, perhaps not.


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