Tooting Escorts: I am in love

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  • July 13, 2016
  • What do you do when you fancy one of your gents? During my time at Tooting escorts, I have dated a lot of gents but I have never met one before that I really fancied. It took me by surprise but as soon as he came through the door, I fancied him. The strange thing is that I think the feeling is mutual. The last time he was here, he left a present for me. When I opened the box, it was a little heart made out of gold on a gold chain. It had a diamond in the middle of the heart. I was so touched that I cried.

    Tooting Escorts: I am in love
    Tooting Escorts: I am in love

    Now, Nick has another date with me tonight here at Tooting escorts. I am planning to wear the necklace to show that I appreciate it. Maybe I will even ask what it means. it just seemed such an unusual thing to do. But then again, the time before that he brought me flowers and then there was the perfume. He always does it so effortlessly that it makes you wonder if he does for everybody. I always say thank you but I am not sure how he feels about me. Maybe I should ask.

    The thing is, what do I do if he says that he fancies me? I can’t really hist leave Tooting escorts and rush straight into his arms. One of the girls that I work with here at the agency says that I have made head in the clouds. That could be true but isn’t that what being in love is all about. You sort of get that dizzy feeling and you don’t know what to. I think it is nice to say something. If he does not fancy me, I will know either way and I can move on. But, if he does fancy me, I will know where I stand, and that will be important as well. But, at the moment my heart is beating like mad and I don’t know what to do. He will probably notice that as soon as he comes through the door.

    He came around to see me here at my Tooting escorts boudoir, and I just can’t believe it. He says that he adores me and would like to take me out for dinner. I feel so strange that I don’t know what to do. At the same time, I had a message from a department store. I have earned enough money here, so I decided I wanted to do something else. I applied for this job selling cosmetics and I have got it. I can’t believe it. Not only am I in love but I also have a new job to go. Yes, it will be a bit sad to leave Tooting escorts but I have a funny feeling that I am do so that I can be with the love of my life. Anyway, Alan is really pleased and tonight we are going to celebrate. I am leaving next week and starting my new life….

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